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Scubapro 2. nd stage S600

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Data sheet Features

2-STOPIEŃ Scubapro S600

The best-selling lightweight 2. The highest performance level with many patented solutions. With this 2nd Stage, you can optimize your diving experience because the S600 virtually eliminates breathing resistance. In 2006, this already excellent construction was optimized due to a technical correction and reducing the necessary service costs.

TECHNOLOGY & PERFORMANCE Balanced flow valve: Increased safety and relaxation during each dive. The air supply is easy and immediate, independent of the pressure in the cylinder, it runs in a controlled and natural way.

WORK ENVIRONMENT & ADJUSTMENTFor extreme conditions and environmental influences: The combination of extremely high efficiency and precision-made, lightweight, cold-resistant construction elements guarantees high corrosion resistance and excellent performance in cold water.Possibility of continuous, individual adjustment of inhalation resistance: Accurate, quick matching of inhale resistance to a specific diving situation and individual needs.

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Scubapro 2. nd stage S600

Scubapro 2. nd stage S600

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