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Scubapro Octopus A.I.R. 2 4th generation

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Data sheet Features


AIR 2 is lighter and more ergonomic. This is already the 4th generation of the AIR 2 concept existing on the market since 1979.SCUBAPRO combines in one compact housing a balanced inflator and a spare, classic 2nd stage. AIR 2 can be mounted on each jack. It replaces the Octopus and used in the function of the spare machine continuously performs the function of an inflator.


TECHNOLOGY & PERFORMANCE Clasical downstream valve: For many years, valued for its simple, trustworthy performance.

Power inflator: Accurate dosing, reliable operation regardless of the air pressure in the cylinder.

WORK ENVIRONMENT & ADJUSTMENTFixed VIVA setting: Set in an ideal position, allowing for a certain and uncomplicated use.

COMFORT Configuration of one hose:Replaces an additional alternative air source.

One-hand operation: Intuitively quick finding and handling of air pressure in the cylinder.

Self-cleaning mechanism: Automatic cleaning every time the inflator is used.

New soft dispensing button housing: Easy handling even in thick gloves.

New anatomical mouthpiece: More comfort thanks to better fit.

New, larger, ergonomically shaped control buttons: Easy and efficient operation.

Reviews Scubapro Octopus A.I.R. 2 4th generation

Ocena (3 z 5)

Nie polecam tego rozwiązania w razie awarii tracimy i inflator i oktopus - lepiej pozostać przy klasycznym rozwiązaniu

Ocena (4 z 5)

Sądzę, że lepiej mimo wszystko mieć pod wodą oddzielnu octopus i inflator, ale to już tylko moje osobiste odczucia.Pomysł i konstrukcja naprawdę robią wrażenie.

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Scubapro Octopus A.I.R. 2 4th generation

Scubapro Octopus A.I.R. 2 4th generation

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