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APEKS XTX200 Tungsten + Octopus XTX40

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Data sheet Features

 APEKS XTX 200 TUNGSTEN + Octopus XTX 40 -

  perfect equipment for cold water


- the machine has a unique coating that protects against the external environment - corrosion, pollution, damage;- minimal breathing resistance;- high resistance to freezing, suitable for diving in cold water;- possibility of installing the hose from the left or right side of the machine;- instruction manual in Polish and a lifetime warranty for the first owner;- 70 cm hose included, can be changed for extra charge.

APEKS XTX 200 TUNGSTEN z Octopusem XTX 40 has a unique coating that protects the machine from the outside environment. It is a patented mixture of titanium, chromium and zirconium of high quality applied by PVD method (Physical Vapor Deposition), which is a computer-controlled method that guarantees excellent and reproducible results. Tungsten coating makes the machine resistant to corrosion, pollution and mechanical damage.

The most important features of the new Apeks XTX:

  • The possibility of mounting a narrow or wide exhaust pipe (included with the XTX 200 narrower and wider);
  • Possibility of installing a hose on the left or right side of the machine - Reversible Venturi System (RVS).



  • First stage Apeks XTX 200

- 4 medium pressure ports (4 x 3/8 "UNF);- 2 high pressure ports (2 x 7/16 "UNF);- Dry chamber;- Chrome finish;- Unloaded.

  • The second stage Apeks XTX 200


- Opening resistance adjustment;- Pneumatically balanced valve;- Microregulation;- Suitable for diving in cold waters;- Possibility to configure the hose on the left or right side;- Replaceable breathing wheel (narrower or wider - both included). 


Work chart to breathe the Apeks XTX200



  • Octopus XTX 40


- reduced weight;- Concurrent;- Regulation of inspiratory support - Venturi effect;- IVS system;- Heat exchanger increasing resistance to freezing.



The APEKS XTX200 TUNGSTEN is sold by us with the Polish manual and a lifetime warranty of the Polish distributor for the first owner (subject to annual servicing).

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Reviews APEKS XTX200 Tungsten + Octopus XTX40

Ocena (5 z 5)

Świetny zestaw dla naprawdę wymagającego nurka rekreacyjnego, doskonaly na zimną wodę. Polecam

Piotr C 2011-10-11
Ocena (5 z 5)

Najlepszy i najbardziej niezawodny automat jaki miałem! Nurkowaliśmy na 60m na Hańczy i świetnie podawał. Bardzo wygodny ustnik

Anonimowy Klient 2011-31-05

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APEKS XTX200 Tungsten + Octopus XTX40

APEKS XTX200 Tungsten + Octopus XTX40

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