AQUALUNG Calypso/Titan Octopus

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AQUALUNG Calypso/Titan Octopus - 2nd stage

Perfect octopus for the Legend and Core set

The most important advantages:

  • Medium size Octopus with rich properties of an alternative air source.
  • The diver-controlled power lever (VAS) adjusts the Venturi effect to limit the excitation of the surface automation and allows maximum flow during deep diving.
  • Enlarged II degree breathing channel with a special Aqua Lunga Comfo-Bite mouthpiece.
  • Equipped with a yellow hose (length 1 m) to increase its visibility and ease of use.
  • Designed for Calypso and Titan series machines.

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AQUALUNG Calypso/Titan Octopus

AQUALUNG Calypso/Titan Octopus

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