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Data sheet Features

Automaty Atomic Aquatics 

 30 years waranty

M1 is an automat designed for use in all conditions that are possible; for both recreational and technical dives. Regardless of the user's level of training, M1 will never fail. This machine was created on the basis of popular B1 and T1 models. A high standard of breathing: a large expenditure (minimized effort in breathing at depth and a large amount of delivered breathing fluid) allows for natural and comfortable breathing.Materials: Monel was used in the first stage, resistant to corrosion, resistant and suitable for use with pure oxygen. 316 stainless steel, palladium and zirconium brass (Pd / Zr) and titanium were used in the second stage.Nitrox: the machine is factory-designed for use with nitrox with up to 40% oxygen or oxygen mixtures with up to 100% oxygen content (with specific guidelines).The appearance of the first stage: a rotating head with 5 ports and the construction of the Jet Seat piston.

 defense valve II st: the exclusive patent of Atomic 8211; protects the second stage, extending the life span of the second stage, eliminating annoying leaks and eliminating wear and tear.AFC (Automatic Flow Control) - patent by Atomic - automatically adjusts the flow of the breathing mixture to the depth, in order to maintain the comfort of breathing.Special protection of the machine: the new cover is designed specifically for diving in strong currents or for sea dives in situations of high waves, prevents the self-arousing of the machine due to strong current or rapid movement.Wide deflector: the deflector of the exhaled air stream has been widened to allow even better visibility (separation of the bubble stream).Cold water: specially for diving in cold water, the first stage is protected against water and pollution. The second stage has a thermal radiator and a super dry exhaust valve.Comfortable double silicone mouthpiece: made of extremely soft and flexible silicone rubber (resistant to biting).Service of the machine every 2 years or 300 dives: materials and technologies used in the production of the machine allow to extend the service life (for review) of the machine up to 2 years.Gwarancja 30 lat



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Wytrzymały i wysoce odporny na działanie soli morskiej. Założycielami tej firmy są podobno Panowie ze Scuba Pro, więc jakość gwarantowana. Polecam !!

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