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Automaty Atomic Aquatics

 30 years waranty

Proecological, the only machine in the world made of stainless steel.Atomic Aquatics has once again created the first dive product on the market - ST1 machine made of stainless steel. The first stage is perfectly coated with special 316 stainless steel, which is twice as strong as brass and is as corrosion-resistant as titanium. Many environmental experts qualify stainless steel as the "green" metal of the future. Stainless steel does not require any additional protective processes, such as chrome plating or nickel plating, which can be harmful to the environment. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. The second stage contains only titanium components that can be found in the T2 and B1 models.- The first stage is made of 316 type stainless steel, with twice the durability of brass and resistance to corrosion similar to titanium.- The compact first stage features a low-pressure 5-port valve and the unique "Jet Seat" piston.- Extremely efficient breathing system: easy inhalation even at great depths and adequate breathing rate with natural and comfortable delivery of the breathing mix.- Titanium construction of the entire second stage: the only second stage on the market built only from titanium components - lightweight and corrosion resistant.- Patented and available only in Atomic Aquatics products, a second stage hose with a "Comfort Swivel" connector. The only hose of this type that allows one-way flow, without any loss of performance. The "Comfort Swivel" ball-type angle adapter, made of 316 type stainless steel, is articulated with the slightest movement, eliminating the possibility of hose braiding and pulling out the second degree from the mouth.- Patented and available only in Atomic Aquatics products, the mushroom plug seat clearly extends the life of the second stage, eliminating troublesome leaks and loss of performance.- Patented and available only in Atomic Aquatics products, the AFC (Automatic Flow Control) system automatically adjusts the flow of breathing gas at different depths, providing comfortable, stable breathing.- The comfortable mouthpiece, made of double silicone, is exceptionally soft and flexible, resistant to tears and bites. Ready to use with a mixture of breathing gases up to 40% Nitrox.- Overview every 2 years / 300 dives.-Guarantee 30 years


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Pomimi dziwnej mody jaden z najlepszych automatów na "A"

Artur K 2012-02-06
Ocena (5 z 5)

Wytrzymały i wysoce odporny na działanie soli morskiej. Założycielami tej firmy są podobno Panowie ze Scuba Pro, więc jakość gwarantowana. Jedynym problemem może być serwis. Mimo to Polecam !!

Konrad Ścibut 2011-01-11

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