Antifog gel McNett SEA GOLD 37 ml
  • Antifog gel McNett SEA GOLD 37 ml
  • Antifog gel McNett SEA GOLD 37 ml

Antifog gel McNett SEA GOLD 37 ml

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Antifog for MCNETT Sea Gold masks, 37 ml - Anti-fogging gel to diving masks

The unique Sea Gold formula provides long-lasting protection against fogging. The gel is a strong concentrate that is quick and easy to use and is safe for glass and plastic mask lenses, it does not damage silicone and rubber on which they are mounted. It is not recommended for use in swimming goggles. Perfect for frequent diving and diving in cold waters.

Action of anti-fogging preparations:

The misting of the mask is the result of the warm, humid air inside the mask coming into contact with the water cooling the lenses from the outside. Warm air has a greater vapor retention capacity than cold air. Thus, when the air is cooled it turns into tiny water droplets and settles on the mask glass. McNett Anti-Fog prevents fogging by creating a thin, invisible film on the glass of the mask that prevents water droplets from settling, and thus the formation of steam.

Use of diving masks:

  • To minimize the build-up of dirt and algae, rinse your mask in running water after each use. Make sure the mask is completely dry before putting it in the case.
  • Store your mask in the hard case. This will protect it from dirt and scratches, as well as protect it while traveling.
  • Avoid leaving the mask in the sun and wearing it on your head before diving. High temperatures can damage the mask, causing it to fog up.

Package of 37 ml.

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