EQUES Skafander Suchy CORDU TECH with rings
  • EQUES Skafander Suchy CORDU TECH with rings
  • EQUES Skafander Suchy CORDU TECH with rings

EQUES Skafander Suchy CORDU TECH with rings

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EQUES Drysuit CORDU TECH with rings

Suit entirely made of materials and components made in Europe

  • Cordura, weight: 620 g / 1 sq m;
  • Neoprene;
  • Elastic latex cuffs (neck and sleeves);
  • DYNAT YKK gas-tight lock;
  • Sitech valves;
  • Ring system in sleeves, supplier: Sitech in Sweden.


In the standard version the wetsuit has:

  • a separate dry hood;
  • separate tube with a length of 90 cm;
  • integrated neoprene collar warming the neck;
  • latex neck loop;
  • Sitech rings are permanently fixed in the sleeves;
  • gas-tight zip at the back, covered with an additional protective "protector" type;
  • centrally positioned addor on the torso and a bleed valve on the left sleeve at the level of the arm;
  • internal braces with smooth regulation;
  • one side pocket on the leg;
  • sewn-on double-segment patches of cordura on the legs in the front;
  • shoes combined with legs;
  • black color.


Each part of the wetsuit has thoughtful solutions to increase comfort andsafety during use.1. Exhaustion of excess air.This function is fulfilled by a dry hood made of neoprene, 5 mm thick, with contoured face tightening, thanks to the labyrinth system (Air Labirynth System) located in the upper part of the hood.2. Termika suit.The undersuit put under the wetsuit, although it ensures the proper warmth of the user during the dive, does not solve the problem of heat escape through the head, neck and feet. These functions are additionally fulfilled by a dry hood made of neoprene and a neoprene collar which warms the neck, where neoprene as a material has very good insulating properties. In turn, the feet are protected by hand-made rubber shoes of a reserved composition, which shoes were tested during dives with positive results in the winter conditions of the North and South Pole. An additional benefit is the ability to independently roll the shoes over to the other side while drying the suit.3. Fit to the body.In the middle of a wetsuit elastic braces with fluent regulation make it possible to adjust the suit toindividual user requirements.4. Additional protection of the suit.This function consists of a system of additional protections in the form of a "protector" flap, velcro closure on a gas-tight castle and battens on "doble-segment" legs made of cordura, which, thanks to fitting the leg cut line, do not cause any loss of movement elasticity.5. Adjustment of the suit's buoyancy.An additional valve with a slide mechanism prevents accidental actuation of the valve and thus the release of an uncontrolled amount of gas mixture inside the suit.6. Interchangeability of latex cuffs in the sleeves.The system of rings permanently glued in the sleeves in the event of damage to latex cuffs allows them to be replaced by the user.

TECHNOLOGY OF EXECUTIONIn total, the material contains two technological operations: from the outside, the material is connected to the contact with a sewn-on elastic band; from the inside, joining the material involves vulcanizing the rubberized belt at high temperature and high pressure in a strictly measured time, which ensures tightness of the suit seams.Standard size chart for dry clothes(size tolerance + - 3cm).



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