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URSUIT Heavy Light Cordura FZ

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Data sheet Features

URSUIT Heavy Light Cordura FZ

Heavy Light Cordura FZ follows in its product development the Heavy Light-philosophy, which says that even the hardest and demanding work while wearing the suit takes place above the surface. That is one the reasons, an addition the durability and modifiability, why so many militaries choose it as a training suit.

HL Cordura FZ has been made of an extremely durable Cordura trilaminate. Despite of it's durability is has ergonomic features of its own class. Thanks to warm neck seal and separate neoprene hood suit is comfortable in use. The front zipper allows you easily to dress the suit without outside help. The cover on the zipper protects the jacket from rubbing and keeps the zipper clean from sand and dirt.

The patented seam structure, that is based on the Flat Seam-technology, makes the suit flexible and durable. The seam is taped both in- and outside. Because of this technology the multiple layers can be avoided and even the strongest and hardest materials can be sealed. You feel the difference immediately and after years of use.

Inside the suit there are integrated braces and together with the crotch strap they form a telescope waist. Thanks to this telescope waist construction. the ergonomy of the suit feels like a normal cloth.

D-rings inside the pockets, to which for example a light can be attached. Heat pressed knee, back and elbow reinforcements. 4 mm neoprene boots with latex surface reduce the need for extra insulation. Right sizing prevents additional air from getting into the boots, which would create buoyancy. Heel strap retainers keep the fins safely in place.

Technical Details:

  • Front zipper with the zip cover
  • Seam structure: doubleside taped patented seam structure
  • Material: black Cordura trilaminate 580g/m2
  • Warm neck seal, latex neck seal and separate neoprene hood
  • Automatic outlet valve of low profile type, with filter
  • Swiveling inlet valve (INT)
  • Heat pressed knee, back and elbow reinforcements
  • 4 mm neoprene boots with latex surface
  • Integrated braces, crotch strap and loops for drying
  • Wrist seals are made of latex. Bottleneck shaped with protection
  • Two large pockets with D-rings
  • Includes carrying / storage bag
  • Includes inlet house, cap, zip wax, talcum bottle and repair patches
  • Weight ca. 4,6kg


  • Relief zipper
  • Pee valve
  • Pockets for knife, light, (other than std), compass or map or thigh pocket
  • Integrated independent air system for suit gases fitted on the thigh (argon)
  • Attached gloves and / or wrist rings
  • The standard boot can be replaced by a sock made of 4 mm compressed neoprene (to be used with our Tactical Trek Boots or with the light model Tech Dry boots)
  • Can be made with integrated hood
  • Can be made with neoprene neck seal
  • The size and / or model of the boots, hood, and seals can be chosen when ordering
  • The valve and hose type can be chosen to fit the coming use

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To nie Skafander to druga skóra Nura, dobrze dobrany rozmiarowo idealnie współpracuje ze swoim Panem. Solidny mocny porządny Skandynawski Sprzęt. Nie dla nurków - dla penetratorów nurkowania !

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URSUIT Heavy Light Cordura FZ

URSUIT Heavy Light Cordura FZ

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