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Waterproof D1 Hybrid

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Data sheet Features

Waterproof D1 Hybrid


Insulation material 3D Mesh Insulation thickness 5 mm Material Fabric suit


  • A SEAT THAT GRIPS - Polyurethane embossing provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection.
  • ANATOMICAL KEVLAR® REINFORCED BOOT - Angled for the best mix of durability and performance. DuPont™ Kevlar® reinforced front. Moulded Fin Strap Anchor.
  • ANATOMICAL SCULPTING - All critical parts concerning movability, like arms, legs and torso have been anatomical designed to enhance the liberty of action.
  • ANGLED FOOTBED - The boots are cut on an angle to minimize ankle and calf stress while finning.
  • APP - Waterproofs Advanced Performance Programme.
  • BELLOW DESIGN FOR EASY MOVEMENT - The seal in designed with a bellow in the back of the neck for easier movement of the head.
  • CHILL GUARD - Keeps your body heat in and your undergarment out of the zipper for free operation.
  • CORDURA CROTCH - The Crotch is made in one piece Heavy Duty Cordura. No seams.
  • D-RINGS - Two D-RIng Anchor points in each pocket for all your gizmos and tools.
  • DUAL CONVERTIBLE POWER POCKETS - Heavy Duty expandable pockets allows you to easily choose between huge capacity or slim profile pockets based upon your needs. Double D-Rings inside.
  • ELASTIC WAISTBAND - Exchangeable elastic waistband in both front and back.
  • EXTENDED BOOT - The boots are extended in the rear calf area, which facilitates an easy step in.
  • HEAVY DUTY COVER - Heavy Duty Cover. Provides maximum protection of your dry zipper.
  • HIGH VISABILITY - Rerflective logo on the neck.
  • INCLUDING A SPARE SET OF WP SILICONE SEALS - One extra Silicone WristSeal and one Silicone NeckSeal is included.
  • INCLUDING DRYBAG - A Waterproof 1000 CORDURA bag is supplied as standard, which can be carried as a backpack.
  • INCLUDING H1 H.A.V.S HOOD - The vented H1 HAVS hood features a 7mm double layered protection in critical heat loss areas. With glide skin seals for neck and face. Fits underneath the warmneck collar.
  • INTEGRATED SUSPENDERS - Adjustable integrated suspenders for comfortable fit.
  • KEVLAR® REINFORCED KNEE PADS - Military Graded DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber reinforced Kneepads.
  • MOULDED HOOK AND LOOP FASTENER TABS - For adjusting the Warm Neck Waterproof uses moulded TPU tabs with Japanese loop plush for maximum hold and good looks.
  • PRESSURE TESTED - Each suit is tested by an overpressure check.
  • REFLECTIVE LOGO - High visability is ensured by the reflective label.
  • SEAM-FREE CROTCH - Because the shaping of the suit there are no seams to be found in the under arm area or in the crotch area, where wrinkling can cause seams to wear.
  • SI-TECH VALVES - swivelling inlet valve and adjustable automatic outlet valve.
  • THE 3-D MESH INNER LINING - The integrated patented 3-D mesh inner lining includes the suspender fixture. • Provides a constant distance to the outer shell • Resists pressure and squeeze • Has a soft cushioning effect • High shock absorbation • Excellent recovery • Low weight • Fantastic forming and contour flow • Provides unrestricted airflow
  • WARMNECK - The unique warmneck solution from Waterproof with water drain valves and moulded fastener tabs.
  • WP INTEGRATED QUICK SEAL - Waterproof’s new ovale wrist ring quick connector for wrist seals. D1 features the new Integrated Silicone Seal.
  • WP SILICONE NECK SEAL - The NeckSeal is fixed to the suit with a unique neck-ring. Easy to change. Features great chemical, UV and ozone resistance paired with a high comfort factor.

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Waterproof D1 Hybrid

Waterproof D1 Hybrid

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