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SCUBAPRO Heart Rate Belt for Meridian

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SCUBAPRO Heart Rate Belt for Meridian

SCUBAPRO's heart rate monitior was jointly developed with Polar (world leader in the field of heart rate monitors).This technology not only measures and records the heartbeat during the dive, but also allows the dive computer to factor the intesity of the exercise into the decompression calculation, as it is reported by the diver's physiology.

Heart Rate Belt is dedicated for SCUBAPRO's dive computers family - Meridian.


Whether a passionate recreational athlete, professional marathon runner or just health-conscious , today a heart rate monitor is almost a standard piece of equipment. So why not use this technology in diving as well? By monitoring heart rate while diving, your workload can be better assessed and you can react to heightened stress in a timely manner, making your dives even safer. You could also measure your heart rate so you can specifically train to increase your endurance. Since increased exertion while diving in deep water promotes circulation and this, in turn, increases the nitrogen intake, the heart rate can also be used to calculate decompression times even more accurately, again for safer diving. That’s why the SCUBAPRO GALILEO and MERIDIAN series computers don’t just show the depth, no-stop times, and decompression schedule, but also continuously inform the diver about his or her own heart rate (i.e. his or her personal stress) which, in turn, is factored in when calculating other dive parameters.

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SCUBAPRO Heart Rate Belt for Meridian

SCUBAPRO Heart Rate Belt for Meridian

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