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  • 360 OBSERVE

    Polski producent innowacyjnego lusterka nurkowego. Prosty funkcjonalny przedmiot, który przyczynił się do wzrostu bezpieczeństwa pod wodą.


    AmmoniteSystem to polska firma założona 10 lat temu, która od 5 lat produkuje systemy oświetlenia podwodnego dla nurków na każdym poziomie zaawansowania.


    APEKS to brytyjski producent automatów oddechowych znanych na całym świecie. Automaty słyną ze swojej wytrzymałości i odporności na zamarzanie. Producent oferuje szeroki wybór automatów w zależności od wymagań i oczekiwań użytkowników łącznie z niezwykle lekkim automatem turystycznym, gdy zależy nam na ograniczeniu wagi sprzętu.


    Founded in 1965, apollo sports started to develop and manufacture a wide range of diving equipment for both the local and international market.
    In 1988 we launched our first underwater vehicle the av-1 More than 30,000 units were sold worldwide.
    In 1998 the apollo Bio-Fin was developed and then manufactured. The Bio-Fin was the first fin in the world to be released to the scuba market using a completely new design and technology (now know as split fin technology).

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    Since 1943, Aqua Lung has been a leader in manufacturing equipment for adventure, fitness and safety whether in the water, on land or in the air. Each of our brands services the specific needs of our demanding customers through product innovation, worldwide distribution and customer service.


    Atomic Aquatics founders Dean Garraffa and Doug Toth had already forged a reputation as discerning, demanding designers of innovative diving equipment since 1976. After generating numerous groundbreaking patents for a major manufacturer, they established Atomic Aquatics in 1995 and embarked on a mission to create diving equipment of the highest caliber.

  • BARE

    BARE poświęciło ponad 40 lat na projektowanie i produkcję skafandrów mokrych, suchych i ratunkowych. Szeroki przedział wytwarzanych produktów i wysoki poziom techniczny wymagają zaangażowania w wprowadzanie innowacyjnych technologii oraz dbania o jakość. Wiele z tych innowacji wprowadzonych na rynek zostało zaakceptowane jako norma zarówno przez konsumentów jak i konkurencję.

  • Big Blue

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    In 1953, twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell co-founded Body Glove when they designed the first practical wetsuit. Fifty-six years later Body Glove is one of very few family owned surf/dive brands in the world. It all began in a pool in Booneville, Missouri…

    Bill and Bob were fascinated with the water. When they were 14 years old, they fashioned their own diving helmet out of a vegetable can and a tire pump. They explored the bottom of a pool reading magazines while the other the air pump on the surface.


    Opracowanie systemu, który nie będzie burzył spokoju nurkowania był wymogiem jaki postawiliśmy sobie za priorytet. Chcieliśmy uniknąć sygnałów akustycznych takich jak stukanie czy grzechotanie. Dlatego opracowaliśmy alarm wibracyjny, który jest łatwo rozpoznawalny nawet przez 10mm piankę nurkową czy suchy skafander oraz jest uzupełniony czerwonymi diodami LED.

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    Dive Rite was established in 1984 by Lamar Hires and Mark Leonard; two underwater cave explorers and cave diving instructors from North Florida. In the 1970's and early 80's, technical diving gear was virtually non-existent. Most cave divers made their own gear or adapted ocean diving gear to fit the cave environment. Lamar and Mark changed that and began the first technical dive gear company in existence. Pioneering products such as the Classic wing and the canister light, they introduced to the scuba industry the very first products designed for underwater exploration. In 1991, Dive Rite became the first manufacturer to launch a user programmable Nitrox computer called the "Bridge." In 1996, Dive Rite revolutionized the dive industry with the launch of the TransPac harness.

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    All good projects are based on test-conducting, experience, technical know-how. However, breakthrough projects that exceed the test of time and keep advancing by setting ever-growing standards of excellence need passion, dedication to work and above all, a good dose of far-sightedness. These are the ingredients that in 1993 gave life to a dream, turning it into a first-class technical reality on a national and international level: this was the beginning of Dive System, founded by Paolo Zazzeri and Gioia Ancillotti. Unique dry suits, as unique as the individuals wearing them: they are tailor made to fit, to ensure safety and to guarantee top-grade scuba-diving performance even in the most challenging dives.


    DIVEZONE.PL to jeden z największych sklepów nurkowych w Polsce, a także centrum nurkowe i serwis sprzętu nurkowego. Prowadzimy sprzedaż internetową, a także stacjonarną. Posiadamy w ofercie ponad 5 tysięcy produktów, ponad 60 marek, polskich i światowych. 

  • ECS

    Already in the early thirties of last century, fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment were produced at the small town of APOLDA, located within the triangle of cities WEIMAR - the town of classics, JENA - well known for its university and achievements in sciences, and NAUMBURG with its famous cathedral.


    Diving suits sold under Eques trademark have been manufactured for 13 years by our company Konfexim-2. sp. z o.o. with its seat in Siechnice near Wroclaw. Selection of sea horse as our logo was fully intentional and related to uniqueness and originality of this representative of maritime fauna…


    Founded in 1970 in Bologna, Italy, GT LINE for over 45 years has been delivering worldwide quality products and solutions to assist the professionals in their daily activities with famous brands such as: GT LINE tool-cases, worldwide recognized as the widest range of tool-cases for the professional engineers; WORKLINE a range of soft bags and smart solutions for the professionals and pro-DIY’s; @HANDcases and bags for the mobile computing; and the latest brand, EXPLORER CASES, a range of waterproof watertight cases made in copolymer polypropylene, able to guarantee the best protection to whatever professional equipment you need to carry in your journey around the world.


    Faber is the only manufacturer worldwide who has the unique capability to produce its high quality seamless scuba gas cylinders, using steel plates as our starting material. The entire Production Process is controlled by Faber and undertaken in-house within our own dedicated plants. In some cases, where our customer wishes to customise the painting operation, the cylinders are supplied by Faber in an unpainted condition. In that case our logo It’s Steel it Must be Faber, would not appear on the shoulder of the cylinders.

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    Fourth Element began in 1999 with a conversation over a post dive beer in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt. We set out to design high quality clothing with a simple yet diving oriented style. With backgrounds in design and human physiology, we spent a year and a half researching designs and fabrics for a range of casual and technical diving clothing.

    The Fourth Element Technical range is designed around the principles of performance, innovation and function. Using the latest fabric technology in unique combinations and designs, the Fourth Element Technical range revolutionises thermal protection for both Wetsuit and Drysuit diving.
  • GoPro

    GoPro makes the world's most versatile cameras.


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  • Light For Me

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