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ScubaTech R1 PRO

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Data sheet Features

Automat R1 PRO

Warranty 10 years

The set consists of:

  • I degree R1 PRO
  • 2nd grade RG 3X or RG 1X
  • connecting hose 70cm

The extremely simple and reliable design of the 1st level reduction RG 1001 ensures high safety of diving. Although it is a piston construction with an open chamber, it meets the requirements of the EN 250: 2000 standard for cold water machines. DI VEZO NE.PL

Based on the experience of users and the results of research carried out by the laboratories of the Naval Academy in Gdynia, we recommend them to all those diving in Polish waters from early spring to late autumn and for training purposes.Excellent price, simplicity of construction and, as a result, low service costs and immunity to "bad treatment" meant that they were used in diving bases in Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Egypt, Crimea and Lithuania.

The set includes: DIVEZONE.PL

  • 1 stage RG1001
  • 2nd grade RG3X
  • Interstage hose 70cm black

I stage piston regulator

  • 3 LP outputs
  • 1 HP output
  • max. working pressure 300 bar

The second stage of the membrane machine DI VEZ ON  E.PL

  • II degree adjustment of breathing resistance
  • can be used with NITROX up to 40%

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ScubaTech R1 PRO

ScubaTech R1 PRO

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