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HALCYON Evolve System 40/60 lbs

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Data sheet Features

Halcyon EVOLVE System - convenience and security

A new wing made from CORDURY!

Designed for technical divers using two-cylinder sets with a plate and side bottles. Double-layer, extremely durable (both layers made of high-weight Nylon). Equipped with one integrated inflator and one over-outlet valve.

The kit consists of the following Halcyon products:

  • Evolve bag 40 or 60 lbs to choose from
  • Stainless steel plate
  • DIR harness (one piece of tape, 5 d-rings)
  • Buoy pocket (back padding)

It is possible to choose a shorter or longer plate for a better fit for the higher and lower

Available in three versions varying in capacity:

  • 18,0L (Evolve System 40),
  • 26,5L (Evolve System 60)

Thanks to the DIR harness, you can adjust it to any size.

Nazwa Wyporność(Lbs/Kgs) Zewnętrzny materiał Pasuje najlepiej do butli Zalecana maksymalna butla którą można użyć (litry)
Explorer 40 40/18 Cordura zestawy dwubutlowe 2x12
Explorer 55 55/25 Cordura zestawy dwubutlowe 2x15
Explorer 70 70/32 Cordura zestawy dwubutlowe 2x20
Evolve 40  40/18  Cordura zestawy dwubutlowe 2x12
Evolve 60 60/27 Cordura zestawy dwubutlowe 2x18
Eclipse 30 30/14 Cordura pojedynczej 12
Exlipse 40 40/18 Cordura pojedynczej 15

The Halcyon Evolve wings are a very good choice for divers using double brooder sets.EVOLVE 60lbs

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HALCYON Evolve System 40/60 lbs

HALCYON Evolve System 40/60 lbs

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