• SHEARWATER Peregrine
  • SHEARWATER Peregrine
  • SHEARWATER Peregrine
  • SHEARWATER Peregrine
  • SHEARWATER Peregrine
  • SHEARWATER Peregrine
  • SHEARWATER Peregrine
  • SHEARWATER Peregrine
  • SHEARWATER Peregrine


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SHEARWATER Peregrine Dive Computer


Embark on your diving adventure with Shearwater. Peregrine is a simple and affordable multi-gas color dive computer. With Peregrine, we've created a computer that is easy to use for divers of all experience levels. Peregrine is the perfect companion for many future adventures.

Powerful features and ease of use

Peregrine has a 5.59 cm color LCD screen with a vivid, enhanced color gamut and saturation. It has simplified recreational diving modes with full decompression support. The diver can easily navigate and customize important dive information displayed on the home screen. Shearwater dive computers never lock up due to deviation from the dive plan. Peregrine is best suited for Air and Nitrox divers who want a great screen at an exceptional price with a simplified feature set.


The diver can easily connect his Peregrine dive computer wirelessly via Bluetooth, allowing information to be shared across multiple devices such as smartphone, tablet and computer. By using the free Shearwater Cloud app, a diver can view, edit and synchronize dive logs. Divers can also update the software or change the language.

Peregrine wireless charging - convenience and safety

The Shearwater Peregrine computer is equipped with a battery with wireless charging, which eliminates the problem of leakage in the battery compartment in some computers. Charging is inductive, as it is in the latest models of phones. The set includes a wireless inductive charging pad. Standard dive time on a single charge is 30 hours with medium brightness.

While Shearwater recommends using her charging pad, we can also use a different Qi-standard charger (which includes the latest iPhones and many Android phones).

What's in the Peregrine box

Each Peregrine computer comes with a 27mm black silicone strap with tools for mounting and removing. Additionally, there is a bungee band if you prefer to mount it that way. Also included is a zippered hard polymer travel case, wireless charging pad, and a USB cable. The instruction in the shortened version, the so-called The "Quick Start Guide" tells you how to download the full version from the Shearwater website.

The Peregrine also comes with a pre-installed PET screen protector (a spare one is included in the kit) to prevent scratching the display surface.

The software includes a complete dive log manager, compatible with both MS Windows and MAC OS X. The dive log manager supports log download and firmware updates via Bluetooth wireless interface.

Optional accessories available separately include one color ocean blue, white or black wrist strap kits and additional charging pads.

Shearwater Peregrine Features:

  • Multi-gas dive modes and full decompression support
  • Easy to Use - Simplified systems for recreational diving
  • LCD display with extended color gamut
  • Solid design with a thin profile and wireless charging function

Shearwater Peregrine dive modes:

  • Air - simplified mode for recreational diving
  • Nitrox - Single gas up to 40%
  • 3 different Nitrox gases - up to 100% O2
  • Depth gauge - depth and time measurement mode

Mode functions for Advanced Nitrox dives in Shearwater Peregrine

The computer features a 3-gas mode for advanced divers that includes a complete set of scheduled decompression functions for deeper dives.

When on a decompression dive, Peregrine provides complete information on all required decompression stops. Supports user-configurable gradient factor and look ahead gas switching (based on defined and active gases) for planning and time-to-surface calculations. It is important that the computer will not lock up after skipping the decompression stop or exceeding the ascent rate.

Peregrine also supports 100% Accelerated Decompression Oxygen with a user configurable PPO2 oxygen partial pressure setting. The final decompression stop can be set to a depth of 3 or 6 meters. During the dive, the computer informs us about the necessity to switch gases after we reach the optimal depth for the set PPO2.

The display shows a bar graph of tissue saturation in real time, so we can degass the tissues on an ongoing basis during decompression stops.

For divers wishing to use Peregrine as a bot timer, the computer also offers a measurement mode that runs at least 120m.

Recreational Nitrox Dive Mode

Peregrine is also a great computer for recreational divers.

Thanks to the simple menu structure and clear information on the display (which you can configure yourself!), diving is easier and safer.

Simplified settings allow the use of one breathing gas mixture (Air or Nitrox up to 40%) and place more emphasis on Maximum Operating Depth (MOD) and no decompression time limit (NDL). The display clearly alerts the diver when he is approaching the MOD depth of the set breathing gas.

Optional safety stops are user configurable for 3, 4 or 5 minutes or are customizable. When the setting is applied. If the diver exceeds the NDL limit (i.e. starts a decompression dive) and requires a longer stop at a stop, the display will turn red and alert with the word "DECO STOP" with the required depth and stop time.

Description (c) 2020.08.15 DIVEZONE.PL - kgrading prohibited.

Shearwater Peregrine specifications:

  • depth measurement up to 120m
  • depth sensor: piezo sensor
  • CNS tracking
  • no lockout in case of deviation from dive plan
  • charged Li-ION battery allows for 30 hours of diving on a single charge or 3 months of Standby
  • built-in memory to record 200 hours of dives
  • vibration alerts
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • available color of the strap: black, white or blue
  • weight with silicone strap: 180 g
  • computer weight without belt: 125 g
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