The book NITROKS ed. II (Polish)
  • The book NITROKS ed. II (Polish)

The book NITROKS ed. II (Polish)

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NITROKS dive book. A guide for divers, ed. II

The latest book by Jacek Kot and Tomasz Żabierek

"NITROX. A guide for divers" - is probably the best-prepared book in the world devoted to the use of oxygen-nitrogen-containing breathing mixtures - called nitrox. Jacek Kot and Tomasz Żabierek - two high-class specialists in their fields has written a book together that significantly exceeds even the best nitrox course. The knowledge contained therein will be useful even during Advanced Nitrox or trimix courses. The combined knowledge of a specialist in hyperbaric medicine, instructor trainer and rebreather instructor resulted in a top-class book in the diving world.

There is something for everyone in it. It includes knowledge for recreational divers as well as mixing and decompression issues that are already well beyond recreational diving. Thanks to the simple language, it can also be used by beginners, and for advanced divers, the amount of knowledge should meet the expectations. We highly recommend this item!

The book describes in an interesting way, among others:

  • Nitrox diving history;
  • Properties of oxygen, nitrogen and nitrox;
  • Techniques and procedures for the preparation of artificial respiration mixtures;
  • Procedures for the proper preparation of diving equipment;
  • Planning of dives, nitrox and oxygen decompression;
  • Decompression tables.

Release Details:

Author: Jacek Kot, Tomasz Żabierek; Title: NITROKS. A guide for divers, ed. II; Number of Pages: 224; Format: B5; Binding: Soft; Release date: 3/7/2014; ISBN: 978-83-7798-114-6; Publisher: BEL Studio Sp. z o.o.

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