To provide divers perfectly matched,
high quality diving equipment.
Fast and at a good price.


"It comes suddenly. You see something for the first time and immediately know you've found your passion. Like someone turning a key in a lock. Or falling in love for the first time." 

Stephen King, Four seasons


My first experience with diving started in 1979, when my cousin and I, equipped with a single-glass mask with a metal frame, were hunting for perch. We had no crossbows, but long meat picks taken from the drawer of an unsuspecting grandmother. As you can guess, the results were poor, but the fun was great!

Water was present in my whole life. I have always liked to swim, dive, snorkel, but it has always remained just a hobby.

Company history

In 2004, already being a diver and shopping for myself, I noticed that the diving market lacked a professional shop with diving equipment. Such a shop, where a diver could count on professional advice, fast delivery and good price. At that time, each diving centre promoted equipment from a particular manufacturer and nothing else could be bought there. Because the internet had only just developed, customers were not as knowledgeable and aware as they are now.

I wanted to change that!

And so in 2004, the DIVEZONE.PL dive shop was established. Our first transaction (which I remember to this day) were JetFins by Divex and Suunto SK-7 compass. We start working on the website and in 2005 we have an online shop and start selling. 

In a short time we become the leading dive shop in Poland and it remains so to this day. Numerous awards and distinctions from distributors and the most important for us - the divers' choice of the best dive shop in Poland by the participants of the BalticTech conference.

Present day at DIVEZONE.PL

Our team currently consists of eight people and we are recruiting more. We handle several thousand orders a year. Every day we send dozens of packages.

We have over 6000 pieces of various diving equipment and accessories in our warehouse. All this to serve our customers in the best, most efficient and professional way. 




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