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Stage sets for divers - high quality equipment on!

Stage cylinders are most often chosen by technical divers who descend to great depths. Stage cylinders are so called side cylinders which serve as a reserve of gas for breathing or contain decompression gas which helps during decompression. They are a perfect supplement of diving equipment, being an additional protection. It is worth equipping yourself with them when you do decompression, technical, wreck or cave diving.

Stage cylinders, as all other cylinders, need additional accessories to be able to use them fully. We can choose such a set ourselves, adjusting its particular elements to individual expectations and needs. However, if you want to save time and energy on the selection of individual accessories, we recommend you choose stage sets for divers. They contain complete equipment, which enables you to take the product under water immediately after purchase.

Tested diving stage sets

What can you find in diving stage sets? Their basis is, of course, a side cylinder of various capacities, thanks to which you can freely adjust its size to your preferences. Moreover, the set includes high-quality first and second stage breathing apparatus, pressure gauge with hose and stage cylinder harness, thanks to which you can precisely attach the cylinder to all your equipment.

Currently, we offer proven stage sets for diving with an aluminium cylinder. It is perfect for diving both in saltwater and freshwater. Aluminium is resistant to the action of sea salt and even after many dives it is not at risk of corrosion.

Stage sets with aluminium cylinders

Buying stage sets for divers is a very practical solution. The offered sets include products of really high quality. The cylinder is a product of a verified producer of diving accessories Luxfer. The breathing apparatus, in turn, has been manufactured by a reputable company Apeks, which probably produces the best equipment of this type in the world. 

The set also includes a pressure gauge which is indispensable during the dive. This small but practical device measures the pressure of the breathing medium in the cylinder. The Stage cylinders available on Divezone are equipped with analogue pressure gauges which are precise and reliable.

Practical diving stage sets - choose from!

Take a closer look at our attractive range of proven dive stage kits now and complete your dive range with more high quality accessories. We offer functional, durable and long-lasting diving stage sets with a long lifetime and wide range of applications. We also provide assistance in selecting the appropriate model. If you are interested, please contact us.

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MD: High quality, proven dive stage sets with cylinder, first and second stage breathing apparatus, pressure gauge, hose and harness. Choose on!

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