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All good projects are based on test-conducting, experience, technical know-how. However, breakthrough projects that exceed the test of time and keep advancing by setting ever-growing standards of excellence need passion, dedication to work and above all, a good dose of far-sightedness. These are the ingredients that in 1993 gave life to a dream, turning it into a first-class technical reality on a national and international level: this was the beginning of Dive System, founded by Paolo Zazzeri and Gioia Ancillotti. Unique dry suits, as unique as the individuals wearing them: they are tailor made to fit, to ensure safety and to guarantee top-grade scuba-diving performance even in the most challenging dives.

The production of Dive System dry suits and of Buoyancy Compensating Devices , all of which is Made in Italy, derives from the personal experience of both founders and has been developed throughout the years with the technical contribution and need-input supplied by each scuba diver. In addition, extensive feedback has been provided by the Italian military forces: Dive System is in fact the official supplier of the Carabinieri, of the Italian Navy, of the Ninth Col Moschin Storming Corp, the National Police force and the Fire Brigade. Our pride is strengthened by a technical leadership that has set the standards.

Ours production is focused on the production of dry suits and of Buoyancy Compensating Devices, intended specifically for technical diving. On top of this and in keeping with the company’s mission to continuously raise its technical aims, we produce a series of accessories that have become absolutely indispensable: fins, lift bags, reels and an entire range of water scooters. If technical diving is the core of Dive System’s know-how, said expertise has nonetheless extended to recreational diving, merely applying the same quality manufacturing standards to different solutions.

The Company’s starting point, which gave strength and substance to the Dive System dream, has never been disclaimed. On the contrary, it has been upheld and enhanced by a manufacturing factory, which has brought together traditional craftsmanship skills and a technologically equipped infrastructure that allows prototype-testing in a pool with three levels of depth (max. of 10 meters), which simulates stress to all the most delicate and wear-prone areas before testing it in salt-water/open-sea* conditions.

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