• AMMONITE SYSTEM Led Nautilus
  • AMMONITE SYSTEM Led Nautilus
  • AMMONITE SYSTEM Led Nautilus
  • AMMONITE SYSTEM Led Nautilus
  • AMMONITE SYSTEM Led Nautilus
  • AMMONITE SYSTEM Led Nautilus
  • AMMONITE SYSTEM Led Nautilus
  • AMMONITE SYSTEM Led Nautilus


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AMMONITE SYSTEM Led Nautilus diving torch

The most versatile torch. Adjustable Light Beam!

This innovative dive light utilizes the latest COB Cree CXB chip and Fresnel lens that allows providing impressive 4000 lumens of light and smoothly adjust the light beam to as low as 9 degrees and as high as 45 degrees.

The LED NAUTILUS can be connected using various cables (E/O, standard or sidemount cable) to Ammonite System batteries (ACCU TYPE 24, ACCU TYPE 14 and ACCU TYPE 10) or to heating batteries (ACCU THERMO 24, ACCU THERMO 14, ACCU THERMO 24 Special).

You caneasily and smoothly adjust the light focus to your requirements. You can do this with a simple movement of the adjustment ring. To adjust light duration or to adapt brightness levels to conditions, for example to eliminate reflections in cloudy water, use the second control knob to set the light output in three modes: BOOST, OPERATIONAL and BACK-UP.

All these functions are enclosed in a small 140mm long housing with a 60mm diameter at its widest part. The extremely robust design is at the same time relatively light at 415g, and 150g in the water. The NAUTILUS LED head is perfectly balanced, making it very handy both with and without the Goodman handle.

It is built from hard anodised marine aluminium making it resistant to corrosion, knocks and scratches. Easy to operate switch knobs are made of lightweight but very tough and corrosion resistant polymer (Delrin®). The 6 mm front glass is made of highly fatigue resistant tempered glass.

LED NAUTILUS is tested and can safely operate up to 150 m depth.

The electronic system monitors the voltage level and when the battery is heavily discharged, the head signals this with a brief flash of light and then switches to BACK-UP mode (20% light output). Until the battery is recharged, the LED NAUTILUS will operate only in BACK-UP mode.

The product has a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

Technical specification AMMONITE SYSTEM Led Nautilus:

  • Halo: moderate effect
  • light source: 1 × LED CREE® CXB
  • light output: up to 4000 lm
  • switch type: magnetic switch, 3 levels of light intensity, low discharge warning, emergency mode
  • light focus: 9 - 45º
  • max. length: 140 mm
  • max. diameter: 60 mm
  • type of optics: focusable fresnel lens
  • total power: 40 W
  • front glass: 5 mm tempered
  • color temperature: cool white
  • weight: 415 g
  • power source: external batteries
  • weight in water: 150 g
  • material: hard anodized aluminum / DELRIN®
  • max. usable depth: 150 m

When you buy a set with a battery, you get:

  • Led Nautilus head
  • The selected battery - to choose from:
  • ACCU TYPE 9 
  • ACCU TYPE 10
  • ACCU TYPE 14
  • ACCU TYPE 24
  • HD connecting cable (or Sidemount cable - extra charge)
  • Charger
  • Replaceable o-rings
  • Instruction and warranty

Working time of Led Naulitus sets:

dive torch working time

NOTE: Goodman or Goodman Soft handle are not part of the set, they are optional equipment.

NOTE: When you buy the head only, you get the heads without the cable. The cable can be purchased separately.

Maximum operating depth
150 m
20%, 60% i 100% power
Light source
Switch on/off
140 mm
415 g
Switch type
Pivot ring

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