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Apeks Side Mount SET - DST/XTX50

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Data sheet Features

APEKS SideMount - DST/XTX50 Set

Specially configured for sidemount

Apex set for SideMount is designed for lateral configuration. Ideal for both warm and cold waters, designed mainly for those who like long diving in difficult conditions.The first Apeks DST stages with a rotating head and an additional LP output at the top of the machine are ideal for sidemount divers. The second stages Apeks XTX50 is a proven solution of second stages with all necessary adjustments and characterized by low breathing resistance and ergonomics.Ideally suited and well-known for its high quality Apeks hoses and angled connector make the set very comfortable during diving and is ideal for sidemount dives.

Apeks Sidemount SET zestaw do nurkowania

APEKS SideMount SET contains:

  • 2 x 1st stage Apex DST
  • 2x 2nd stage Apex XTX50
  • 1 x angle connector
  • 2 x Apex manometer with a 20 cm hose
  • 2 x Apex 20cm hose (for inflator or drysuit)
  • 1 x Apex LP 210cm hose
  • 1 x apex LP 65cm hose
  • 1 x piston carabiner
  • 1 x rubber to hang the machine.

Zestaw APEKS SideMount

First stage of the machine

Apeks DST has a dry membrane isolation system, thanks to which there is air in the water chamber which eliminates the filling of the water chamber with silicone oils or silicones. This system is ideal for harsh underwater conditions such as cold, dirty water, long diving.

The second stage

APEKS XTX 50 has a smooth control of operating parameters. It has a pneumatically loaded valve, so that breathing parameters are insensitive to possible changes in interstage pressure. XTX50 has a smooth adjustment of the pressure of the valve plug and a smooth adjustment of the support level during the inspiration phase. This allows you to adjust the parameters of the machine's operation depending on individual preferences, depth and type of diving. In addition, an effective heat exchanger is built into the stage, which protects it against freezing to a large extent.

Technical spec:

I stage Apeks DST

  • membrane
  • charged, with a rotating head
  • 2 high pressure outlets
  • 4 medium pressure outputs
  • water-air chamber insulation
  • working pressure 300 bar

II stage Apeks XTX 50

  • charged
  • synchronous
  • regulation of the pressure of the mushroom
  • regulation of the Venturi effect - supporting inspiration
  • heat exchanger increasing resistance to freezing
  • respiratory work 1.05 Joula / liter at a depth of 70m

Gauge Apeks 300 bar

  • scale up to 360 bar
  • readable under water
  • fluorescent face

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Reviews Apeks Side Mount SET - DST/XTX50

Ocena (5 z 5)

Technika nurkowania jaką jest Side Mount coraz szerzej zadamawia się w wielu nurkowiskach. Apeks będący czołową firmą wychodzi naprzeciw oczekiwaniom tej grupy tworząc automat dedykowany typowo do side mountu

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Apeks Side Mount SET - DST/XTX50

Apeks Side Mount SET - DST/XTX50

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